Walmart Canada


How did EcoAir help Walmart keep their shipping areas within their massive distribution centres warm and energy efficient in a tight, crowded, constantly busy space with conveyors overhead and product surrounding?


They were faced with two main problems:


Cold air infiltration within their shipping areas - through the 200+ loading dock doors provided a constant supply of cool air that layered at floor level and caused discomfort with the shipping employees.  This becomes a major issue in their Calgary Distribution Center where outside temperatures in the winter can often reach minus 30 degrees Celsius.


Stagnant air in the summer - This is a major problem with large open spaced facilities. It creates discomfort to employees and makes working on hot summer days almost unbearable. They needed air movement without "stirring" up dust and debris.


So we went to work to solve their problems...

Walmart is one of our best success stories.  Walmart Canada installed 40 ecoair systems throughout all their warehouses across Canada.

About Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada was established in 1994 with the acquisition of the Woolco chain.


With headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Walmart Canada now operates a growing network of more than 370 stores, including traditional discount stores, supercentres and an environmental demonstration store in Burlington, Ontario. With nearly 90,000 associates the company is one of Canada's largest employers.

Distribution Facility Sizes

Mississauga - 1,300,000 Square Feet

Mississauga - 400,000 Square Feet

Cornwall - 700,000 Square Feet

Calgary- 700,000 Square Feet

Ecoair systems installed at Walmart Canada warehouse in an area of a million square feet. Walmart uses ecoair to destratify their shipping area

A total of 40 EcoAir Systems were installed in four distribution facilities totaling over 3,000,000 square feet of floor space.


Dealing with their problem of cold air infiltration was easy for us, after all our EcoAir System is specifically designed to eliminate this problem by sweeping the cool air at floor level away, preventing it from traveling throughout the facility and mixing it above with existing warm air - this very quickly evens the temperature from floor to ceiling, de-stratifies the facility and provides a comfortable working temperature by eliminating traveling drafts common to shipping areas.



Solving their problem of stagnant air however was a bit of a challenge. Our engineers went to work and designed a special summertime hood... It resembles the geometry of a stealth aircraft, because it had to accomplish two very important things:



1) Direct the airflow during the summer months specifically at occupant level towards employees


- Yet not blast them with air and create an uncomfortable situation common to many other products. Our unique design creates a light summer "breeze" over 40 feet away in all directions that employees describe like a window open on a summers day. Light and comfortable. Providing a perfect summer's breeze...


2) The geometry of the hood had to accommodate the truly massive amount of airflow and maintain our principles of maximum efficiency and minimal noise.


- The "stealthy geometry" accomplishes just this...

Close view of ecoair at Walmart.  Walmart uses ecoair to destratify, clean the air and save energy in their shipping area

The Results. Let's hear directly from them...



"Team leaders and employees like the fact we are cleaning the air. Our EcoAir Systems are making a positive difference throughout our large shipping areas. It’s keeping the workers warmer in the winter and providing a comfortable breeze in the summer.
 It solved our air circulation problem.”

Walmart Distribution Centers (Mississauga Facility - 1,300,000 square feet)



“It’s minus 20 degrees outside today and we just started our new EcoAir systems an hour ago, already it feels warmer in our shipping area.“

Walmart Distribution Centers (Calgary Facility - 700,000 square feet)




Our success in solving Walmart's indoor air quality and air distribution problems was truly amazing. Many thanks go out to the team at Walmart for all their assistance, monitoring, feedback and time spent helping us refine our product to be the best it can be. We provided a cost effective solution that not only solved their issues but unlike traditional air cleaning equipment, the EcoAir System actually pays you back!

At EcoAir, we value innovation and creativity because we believe there is a better way to tackle airflow and air quality in large open industrial and warehouse spaces. Not only that, but we are convinced it can be done in a way that costs less, operates far more efficiently than any other product and eliminates the common employee complaints of dust and poor air quality within ambient air in large manufacturing and warehouse facilities.


Armed with a deep knowledge of both airflow and air quality passed down through four generations, we were well equipped to apply our skills in tackling a large problem for Walmart Canada.

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