Ecoair. Small capital investment, big return on investment.  Save energy and money through destratification and air filtration.

Benefits > Energy Savings

Let’s be honest. Using less energy, breathing cleaner air, and heating your building evenly would be great, but there are real-world costs associated with attaining these. We’re aware of this and that’s what makes the ecoair so exciting.

3 Benefits, 1 solution.

We’ve found a way to do all three in one simple solution. That means for a small investment, you can breath easy, get comfortable and START SAVING. You save money, by saving energy, and saving energy is good for the environment as well.

It works with your HVAC system.

This revolutionary product allows your HVAC to run more efficiently, and you can avoid a huge capital investment and any invasive installation. You’ll notice a difference very quickly. It’s so simple, you may not believe it. That’s why we have case studies.

So how does ecoair save energy?

The ecoair is a brilliantly compact piece of engineering. The all in one package provides the following benefits:

Energy efficient and portable.  Save money through destratification and roll it around to areas of concern.
Simply plug it in and start saving energy and money through destratification. Save 20-40% on your heating costs.
Three great benefits - Clean air, increased comfort and energy savings. Ecoair saves you money and saving money is good.

It’s Portable.

You can roll it into your facility tomorrow, and it can be up and running immediately.

No Installation Required.

Just plug it in to a regular 575V outlet and off it goes.

It’s Maintenance-Free.

It’s also a breeze to maintain. Aside from occasional, simple filter changes, you can set it up and let it go.

ecoair destratification Save 20-40% on your monthly heating bills, destratify and filter the air in your facility